Be the goal in the relationship

imagesIt’s not realistic to expect that every relationship that we have will be perfect.
In fact, it’s not realistic to expect that any relationship we have would be perfect.
There will always be problems; there will always be difficulties which need to be overcome.
The tendency when we have a problem in a relationship is to look at the other person and think it’s their fault that that things aren’t going the way you want them to go but that’s a very one-sided look at a relationship.
Whatever it is you want more of in a relationship you need to be the one that shows that quality. If it’s honesty, if it’s kindness, if it’s inclusion or anything else you need to demonstrate those values. If you want to see more of those values; you need to be the one that puts them into relationships because then you’re sure that those values are there but it also serves as an example for the other person(s) or ​in those relationships so they can follow suit.
So whatever the problem in the relationship is, always assume that you’re not putting enough of that into the relationship. Whatever is missing, strive to push more of it in. Even if you think you’re already being kind; ask yourself ‘how can I be kinder?’​
​When you put more of ​a specific quality into the relationship, you will almost always see the other person reciprocate.

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