What you should be doing..

644391_10155564278272355_3301416791313717328_nIn any moment, we know what is the best use of our time and resources. You can’t do every thing you would like to do.You will never be able to do every thing you would like to do.

That may sound negative but the reality is that you are not meant to do every thing. If you want a happy and successful life; you need to do less, not more. You just need to ensure that what you do is the most important thing you can be doing. You need to know your priorities and focus on them. For each key area of your life, you really only need one priority. Sure, you can do other things too but not until you have taken the necessary actions on your most important activities i.e. your priorities.

Imagine if you went to work each day and you completed your most important task, each day. Then, with the remaining time, you completed your next 1-3 most important actions, each day. You would have a very successful working life.

Sadly, most people choose to focus on getting as much done as possible. They don’t stop to think about what needs to be done and what can be let go. The biggest time waster is doing things you don’t need to be doing i.e. things which don’t need to be done or; could be outsourced or delegated.

Before you rush into your work, take the time to identify your priority for the day.

Follow that by identifying the next 1-3 most important tasks.

1. Get everything else off your plate; at least until these tasks have been completed.

2. Your results will shoot through the roof.

3. Try it for yourself.

For more great time management tips, check out Quick Fixes of Your Productivity.

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