Your life needs a sense of direction….

If you want to live a simpler, happier life, here is how; as written and explained by

Carthage Buckley

I am a very simple man and; I like to keep things simple.

I find the easiest way to keep things simple is to live life on my terms.

We really don’t have to bow to the demands of others.

A while back, I enjoyed a coffee and chat with an old client of mine, Mark.

During our chat, Mark asked me the keys to a simple life.

I gave him four key points which will give anyone a kickstart to a simple and happy life:

  • Know and live your purpose
  • Be true to your values
  • Have enough self-esteem to love yourself, come what may
  • Believe in yourself; knowing that you can do anything you set your mind too.


Your life needs a sense of direction.

Despite what many ‘experts’ will tell you, you do not need to look outside of yourself for all the answers.

When you learn to love, listen to and, trust yourself; your inner guidance and intuition will ensure that you can live your life on your own terms.

If you want less stress and more happiness, you need to stop trying to add stuff to your life.
Instead, you need to focus on what is truly important and live your life, your way.

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Have a fantastic weekend.


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